> Once a Gooner, Always a Gooner.

Once a Gooner, Always a Gooner.

Regina. 18 years old. Germany.

Addicted to football:
Russia NT

It's not easy being an Arsenal fan, but it's hard not to love this team. COYG! :)

Arsenal Player of the Season 2013/14: Aaron Ramsey :)

“He can defend, he can attack, he can score goals - what more do you want? And he’s young. That shows you that he can develop more when you look at his improvement in the last two years, why should he stop now? He has no limitations in his improvement and he can be a complete midfielder, efficient defensively, efficient offensively. That’s what real football players are.” -Arsène Wenger

We’re going to WEMBLEY! ♥

:3 ♥

London is RED <3